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To any prospective athlete or Coach ,
Gary Daniels brings eastern and western training philosophies together in a unique way to create a training program that will be specifically tailored for you.A lot of coaches these days write out a sport specific training program for just that sport. Gary Daniels takes into account the physical, mental and the ying and the yang, along with breathing techniques. Sure, most of us are accustomed to a coach who writes out a training program for let’s say cycling, like I do right now. Gary takes a more personal approach and prefers the one on one interaction with his athlete. Gary not only writes out your training plan, but he meets you at the gym at 5 AM to help instruct you on proper lifting technics as well as breathing.I have been an endurance athlete my whole life, so I had the physical aspects of training and racing down. I once read an article in Sports Illustrated magazine about how 95% of a marathon was mental. I had been doing research on the mental and sports psychology for many decades, when I met Gary Daniels. What appealed to me the most with Coach Gary Daniels was his eastern philosophy training and racing techniques. This is where I have made my biggest strides in endurance training and racing.If you like a personal touch in your coaching program, and yes it will cost you a little bit more, I encourage you to check out Gary Daniels HD fit training programs.If it is results that catch your eye, here are some of my accomplishments: Harford county Maryland high school gold-medal winner in the 100 & 50 yard freestyle swimming.
Three-time Hawaiian Iron Man “sunshine” finisher . ( Best place and time, 196th overall in 9:52:46), triathlon USA all American team 5 times, triathlon USA world team member three times, 75 mile relay run from Tacate to Ensenada; second place overall, 11 time Georgia state cycling Champion in various disciplines of cycling. ( criterium, road racing, cycle cross ) Two-time top five finisher in the national criterium cycling championship race, 10th Pl. overall at cycle cross national championship race (my first year; last year).In this day and age most coaches are just “running the numbers”, writing out workouts for as many athletes as they can. If you are looking for a coach that has a personal touch to their coaching aspects Gary Daniels and HD fit are your best choice.

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